Solutions for Corporates

Business Banking

Our payments and collections module helps small business streamline their financial transactions. Connect your bank account with InstantPay and perform transactions 24x7 seamlessly. The smart banking dashboard feature gives you a birds-eye view of your business spends analysis.

Expense Management

Track your business spends, employee expenses with our robust and innovative solution. Automated features capture all records from receipt to reimbursements and help you save productive time.

Cash Management Services

Serving more than 50000 businesses at 10000 plus pin codes, our CMS solutions takes care of your everyday hassle to manage cash in a fully secured way. The integrated platform helps you track your cash from collection to settlement with real-time reports.

Payments and Collections

Neo Banking platform gives you the flexibility in making and receiving payments. It helps you track your inflow and provides insights on your business.

Corporate Gifting

With more than 200 brand association, our customised Gifting solutions are designed to cater to your needs. Brand vouchers, Gift and Prepaid Cards.