Solutions for Retailers

Digi Kendra (BC Agent)

BC agents can carry basic banking services at their retail outlets and serve the walk-in customers. Join our strong network of Digi Kendra across India to become an authorised banking correspondent and provide services like account opening, cash deposits, withdrawals, prepaid cards, insurance and investment products.

Business Banking

Our payments and collections module helps small business streamline their financial transactions. Connect your bank account with InstantPay and perform transactions 24x7 seamlessly. The smart banking dashboard feature gives you a birds-eye view of your business spends analysis.

Working Capital

Give a boost to your business or explore new business opportunities with our paperless working capital and overdraft facility. Check for pre-approved offers or apply for a new request through minimum documentation and get real-time disbursement to your account. Hassle free approvals, repayment options, best interest rates and 24x7 customer support for assistance.