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InstantPay, started in 2013 is a new age technology platform providing the last mile access to the base of the economic pyramid with over 200 financial and non-financial services on an assisted commerce model. It has been authorized by various banks, as a Business Correspondent to deliver mainstream financial services to the under-banked masses. InstantPay currently operates through one of the largest offline retail networks of over 25,000 micro-merchants spread across rural and urban areas of India. These merchants are local entrepreneurs who earn their living by assisting consumers to perform digital transactions.Become Money Transfer Agent

Today, in the digitally empowered world the customers prefer the convenience of making payments and completing transactions online. Due to this, the entire digital market has been taken over the buzz of using instant payment applications as they allow consumers to complete online transactions with a single click.

However, InstantPay recognizes, that, in some parts of India, technology is not going to reach any sooner, and that bearing currency in hand is neither safe nor convenient. InstantPay makes things simpler for the merchants and customers by introducing the InstantPay Application that bridges the gap between those who are not digitally equipped or even digitally acquainted, and the service providers. A gateway is opened for the business proprietors to carry out their business in a secure and hassle-free method.

The InstantPay Application has provided its business proprietors with the access to financial and non-financial facilities.

Financial services:

Non-Financial Services

With the various above mentioned features, it also helps retailers to conduct online transactions under the Pay initiative introduced by RBI and offers great benefits to the business owners, such as, get paid for each online transaction done through InstantPay. Also, retailers might as well avail business loans from InstantPay.The introduction of the InstantPay Application has not only taken a huge burden off the shoulders of the clients and the customers but also it has lowered the risks of fraudulent online transactions. There are no hidden or extra charges applied for any kind of payment; the payment and transaction procedure has been made secure and hassle-free. For the ease of business and business transactions for our retailers, InstantPay has made certain devices available, that are, DSC (class 2), DSC (class-3), Biometric Reader and mPOS.

The application is user-friendly and available for download on Google Play Store. Register with InstantPay and become a retailer with InstantPay and enjoy delivering vital services to your customers.

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