What do you understand about the concept, “digital kendra” or “digi kendras”? It is a banking outlet that offers exclusively digital value-added services. 

Here’s an anecdote to help you understand digital kendras: 

Aarti had gone grocery shopping to Guptaji’s store when she saw a board which read: “Digi Kendra”. Not able to contain her curiosity, she asked him, “What are Digi Kendras”? “Digi Kendra matlab pados ka bank, jaha digi seva hoti hai, bhabhiji” Guptaji had replied.

Aarti was intrigued by his reply. She requested him to explain all about Digi Kendras. What follows below is his detailed response:

Neobanking: The next big thing in banking

Guptaji replied, to understand digital kendras, it is important to understand neobanking first. 

Many of you might be familiar with the working of online banking services. Therefore, understanding neobanks can be easier. Neobanking is a form of direct banking service. A neobank is also known as an online bank, internet-only bank, or digital bank.

The functions of the neobank do not require a physical bank branch, They partner with traditional banks to carry out back-end transactions and to comply with regulations. For the new-age customer, they offer digital transactions. These transactions can be carried out on the mobile or web application.

Many of the transactions and services offered by neobanks are provided through digital kendras. 

Neighbourhood banking services through Digi Kendras
About Digi Kendras

Digi Kendras are the neighbourhood banking or “pados ka banking” centres of InstantPay. Through Digi Kendras, InstantPay has partnered with local establishments like Guptaji’s grocery store. Through this, they spread its reach to rural neighbourhoods across the country.

Aarti was impressed with digi kendras. “Wow! Are there any more advantages of neobanks like InstantPay and the Digi Kendras?”, she asked.

  • Cashless transactions

Guptaji explained that one of the most significant advantages of InstantPay is cashless transactions. Almost all his regular receivables and payables are now set up to be electronic and cashless.

  • Financial Dashboard

Another striking feature of the InstantPay mobile app is the financial dashboard. Guptaji explained that the dashboard gives him complete control over his cash flow. It also provides suggestions, such as alerts regarding overdrafts and short-term loans.

Neobanking and Digi Kendras: The future of banking

Aarti was connecting the dots in her mind. Neobanks like InstantPay with their reach, ease of use and low fees are bound to become hugely popular.

“This is the future of banking,” she told Guptaji. “And such a nice future. All you need for all of your banking needs is your phone or laptop. And during certain circumstances where you need to perform physical transactions, you can also visit the nearest Digi Kendra!”

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