Our logo embodies our spirit: Products and customer support systems with an eye on “I”, the customer. Stands for being casual, approachable, dependable, simple and friendly, just like us!

With our new logo design, we intend to appeal to our customers. The “I” in the InstantPay logo represents you, our customers. We understand that an individual has specific requirements from a banking product. And we want to keep these requirements at the very centre of our services. The focus of our logo makes it clear that it’s all about the “I“: the consumers and their needs. 

Products and support systems with an eye on “I”, the customer

We are here to cater to the needs of customers, no matter how weird, quirky or strange they may seem. Remember, it’s our little quirks that make us human! It is the requirements of all the individual customers taken together that collectively form the requirements of InstantPay. 

Businesses too, on account of being a bunch of individuals, have their own quirks, their own character and individuality. All our products and services cater to “I”, the customer, be it an individual or a business.

We are persistent in our ways to resolve all the problems of an individual and businesses through our new age banking platform. Our products and our customer support process are designed to respect individuality and your specific needs. 

Your banking problems are ours. We are committed to solving your banking problems of every kind and at every step of the way because frankly, we, at InstantPay, have made that the fundamental focus of our job.

Here comes the new InstantPay Logo!
New, Modern, Approachable and Clean

These are the adjectives we go by. 

We want our banking solutions to be fresh and new, not staid and bureaucratic. 

We want our technology platform to be modern

We are approachable: you don’t have to shy away from discussing any of your issues with us. 

The clean lines and sharp edges of our logo are designed to be rendered clearly on a screen and to be easily read.

The Simplicity of our Product Usage/Process

We believe in simplifying our solutions for our customers even if that means we need to perform a complex set of operations behind the scenes to achieve this simplicity. Our logo highlights this simplicity, just like our processes.

Blue, the Colour of the Sky 

Blue is the colour of the sky and sea. For us at InstantPay, blue symbolizes depth and stability. Blue inspires trust, loyalty and wisdom. We also see confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven in blue.

Moreover, what we love the most about the colour blue in our logo is the calming effect it has on everyone.

Casual, Informal, Friendly, Approachable and Youthful 

We love the way our font flows on the screen. It is casual, warm and approachable, not formal and cold. It bears a striking similarity to the working of a neo bank. You can talk to us about all your banking needs. We are your friends and are here to help, no matter how intricate the situation is! 

We love our logo and so should you!

InstantPay Neo Bank is a neo banking solution for New India. A large number of people are now switching to InstantPay Neo bank to spend, save and manage their money. 

Traditional banking is now slowly beginning to look like a thing of the past! 

Our logo embodies our spirit, our soul, our philosophy, our very essence. And we love it! What about you? Please don’t be shy; you can tell us you do!

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