If you are a new entrepreneur or an established organization and want to manage all your business finances efficiently, choosing the right banking platform is one of the most important things to do. Built specifically to suit the specific needs of businesses of all sizes, InstantPay’s business banking platform offers a smart digital current account that is designed to meet the emerging needs of today’s entrepreneurs. 

The online banking platform also provides you with innovative features that empower you to automate your business transactions and improve your money management. With InstantPay, you can digitize your entire payment process within minutes while simplifying business banking. 

Link/open digital bank account to simplify day-to-day transactions  

Ideal for all sorts of businesses, the InstantPay platform enables you to connect and manage multiple accounts in one place. By linking all your accounts or opening your new-age digital current account on the platform, you can effectively track all your cash flows while handling your day-to-day business transactions effortlessly. 

Our digital banking platform allows you to send and receive money online for efficient and smooth payments. With the account, you can better manage your large volume of transactions and keep the business operations smooth-running. Also, it empowers you to streamline your business banking with multiple payment methods, smart reporting, and other value-added services. 

Track, manage payments and expenses in real-time

The InstantPay account comes with a powerful dashboard that offers real-time reporting and insights for your day-to-day business transactions. Giving a complete overview of all your payments and expenses at a glance, the platform makes it easy for you to make informed decisions for your growing business. 

Pay your vendors and partners directly from the account 

Leveraging the InstantPay platform, you can automate your business payments process without any complex banking integration. You can pay your vendors, suppliers, and other business partners 24/7 via multiple modes. Be it a single payment or bulk, you can payout to banks, wallets, and cards with one click.

InstantPay delivers you more than just banking 

In addition to making your business banking operations smoother and more efficient, the InstantPay platform offers you value-added benefits like instant validation of beneficiary accounts before payments to avoid any fraud or risk. Here you can do more than what you can do with a traditional current account and enjoy a seamless banking experience from the comfort of your home or office. 

InstantPay’s digital current account with other useful features provides your new or evolving business with end-to-end money movement and management capabilities. So, open your new-age digital current account or connect the existing one on the InstantPay platform and access as well as manage funds on the go. 

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