APIs have become more prevalent in the banking and fintech industries over the past few years. However, they are being used in business scenarios for more than 2 decades and now we are seeing the adoption of APIs across all industries. 

Be it an enterprise or a startup, they want a better way of managing money and business operations. And that’s where the Banking API comes in, allowing third-party platforms and businesses to securely access financial services. These technological tools help companies embed banking in their systems and build products with a better experience.  

What can you avail from Banking APIs?

The APIs enable you to incorporate various offerings provided by a FinTech or Financial Institution. For example, using InstantPay’s secure and simple banking APIs, you can not only create an improved online banking experience but do a lot more, including but not limited to:

Automation of operational tasks 
Conveniently send & receive payments
Improve overall customer engagement
Innovate or create new products or services
Increase cash flow with faster settlement
Generating more revenue with existing products or winning new verticals

Why should you adopt APIs for your company?  

Business Account Management 

We have APIs for all your needs, so you can easily integrate banking into your app or web platform. Our industry-best API solutions can transform the way you manage your business banking operations, from automating payments to managing multiple business accounts in one interface.

InstantPay’s business banking APIs allow you to get up-to-date information on all your business accounts while maximising productivity. In addition, these tools help you reduce operating costs and better overall financial management. 

Real-time Payments 

We believe that speedy payments are one of the most important aspects to help you grow your business. Fortunately, our payment APIs enable instant transfers directly to beneficiaries accounts 24×7 and 365 days. Plus, you immediately receive a confirmation of a successful payment.  

With technologically advanced banking APIs, we provide businesses with real-time capabilities that fully automate payment transfers and give visibility into their cash flow. You can speed up your company’s financial processes, including expense monitoring, payment reconciliation, and more, by using our API banking solutions.

Bringing Innovation

API banking gives you more reasons to innovate and develop new products & services. The technology empowers businesses to enable functions that go beyond traditional banking with quick and easy integrations. 

Businesses can leverage our powerful APIs to deliver innovative services and best-in-class experiences, thereby retaining more customers and increasing revenue. Additionally, these modern tools provide you with a more sustainable and scalable solution to meet your business needs. 

Final Thoughts 

It is far more important for you as a business owner to focus on how to build and expand your business. Here banking APIs help you do this task with confidence. Businesses can expand, innovate and grow rapidly beyond traditional banking using an API-led banking model.

The open banking APIs allow you to conduct business transactions seamlessly and securely online with access to insightful data and information. Most importantly, our sandbox testing environment allows you to understand how InstantPay APIs are the right solution for your business.  

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