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Brand gift cards: Appropriate for both businesses and recipients

Gift cards from brands are the perfect rewards that work for any audience or any campaign.
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Top 4 advantages of gift cards for your business

When it comes to business gifting, you have many more reasons to opt for a gift card.
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Why should your business adopt API’s for business banking?

Businesses can expand, innovate and grow rapidly beyond traditional banking using an API-led banking model.
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Why is it important to have a business current account? 

Having a distinct current account helps you manage business transactions in a smart and organised manner.
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How InstantPay helps businesses simplify employee payments

Automate employee payments with our modernised Payout APIs and save time for doing productive things.
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RBI extends the scope of tokenisation to more consumer devices

The Reserve Bank of India has expanded the scope of tokenisation to laptops, desktops, wearables, and IoT devices.
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RBI introduces FI-Index to keep track of financial inclusion in India

The Reserve Bank of India has introduced the Financial Inclusion Index to capture details on different aspects of financial inclusion.
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e-RUPI: A new, revolutionary digital payment initiative by the Government of India

e-RUPI: India’s new, purpose-specific digital payment system, expected to play a key role in DBT
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How reloadable cards make budgeting easier for you

Explore how reloadable cards, such as the InstantPay Cashback Card, make it easier for you to budget and manage money.
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Top 6 fintech trends you need to know for 2021

From neo-banking to open APIs to bank-fintech collaboration, all such trends will drive significant changes in the fintech and banking industry.
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6 Simple ways to grow your business

Successfully taking your business to the next level is all about the right strategies. Here we describe some tactics to boost your business.
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Why businesses should consider Neobank over traditional bank

Easy-to-use and cost-effective, Neobanking is the future of banking where businesses feel more comfortable using mobile apps or digital platforms.
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How APIs are helping businesses transform and scale-up

APIs are the gateway to digital transformation for startups, SMEs, and other B2B customers.
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InstantPay card: Simplifying expense management for enterprises

With the automation of cash-equivalent payments using modern tools like reloadable business cards or expense cards, both enterprises and small businesses can streamline their...
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RBI relaxed KYC norms for account holders and new category customers till 31 December

The RBI has advised financial institutions not to impose any restrictions on customers until December 2021. Additionally, the scope of video KYC has been...
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Banking APIs for all your needs

APIs are playing an important role in enabling fast, secure & efficient financial services in our lives.
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Several ways businesses can benefit from InstantPay platform

It is crucial to support SMEs to meet their financial needs by thinking beyond traditional banking and to offer them a banking platform where...
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How Businesses Can Simplify Payment Process Using Payouts?

If you are also a growing business and want to improve the payment process for your employees, partners, suppliers, and customers, then a well-designed...
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Why choosing the right business banking platform is crucial for businesses

InstantPay’s business banking platform offers a smart digital current account that is designed to meet the emerging needs of today’s entrepreneurs.
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Digital Payments: For Better and Cashless India

With countless benefits, digital payments in India encourage cashless transactions and make the way for a cashless economy. Learn more:
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