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30 Stories by InstantPay

What are the features of a good API Banking Platform?

With respect to API banking, India is witnessing a growing trend. A good API banking platform like that of InstantPay is powerful, secure and...
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All you need to know about Digi Kendras

Digi Kendras offer neighbourhood banking. Your nearest Digi Kendra can offer basic banking, insurance services and various other value-added services.
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Demystifying Six Common Banking Myths

Banking myths should be busted for people to use banking in the best way possible. This article demystifies some safety and convenience myths for...
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Key Tips to manage your Cash if you have a Small Business

Managing cash, which includes cash withdrawal, cash deposits, and cash flow in a small business is a breeze when you go cashless with InstantPay.
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Banking and Digital Transformation with Neo Banks

Banking and digital transformation should be coordinated parallelly to facilitate smooth digital transactions. Neo banks can help this process in catching pace.
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Atmanirbhar MSMEs: The backbone of Atmanirbhar Bharat

MSMEs are the backbone of our economy. Covid-19 relief measures can help the Atmanirbhar Bharat dream come true by empowering these MSMEs.
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Seven Tried and Tested Tips to Practice Safe Banking

Safe Banking Tips: Using antivirus, updating operating systems, secure network, ensuring that the website is genuine and more can ensure safe online banking.
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Multiple Ways Neo banks are Challenging Traditional Banks

Neo-banks can address the gap in the consumer demographics, by offering a comprehensive financial services platform for their personal financial needs.
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An Integrated Platform to Manage Employee Spends

Recently, organisations are evolving their employee engagement strategies. Neo banks can offer the right mix of flexibility and inclusion for them.
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Impact on Small Business and Sustainability during Covid-19

Small businesses have been facing major difficulties and uncertainties due to Covid19. Neo banking solutions can help them manage this crisis proactively.
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