Making employee payments is an important part of any business. It’s a tedious task that involves complicated bank procedures, compliance, and documentation. With a reliable, seamless, and flawless payment process, you can not only establish team spirit but maintain the financial stability of your business. Thankfully, there is a solution to simplify employee payments and make the process fast, smooth, and error-free.

By using InstantPay’s modernised payout solutions, you can automate your employee pay process and save hours on manual efforts while minimising human error. Simply put, we simplify employee payments for you so you can create a better employee experience and focus more on other important business tasks.  

InstantPay’s Easy-to-use & Intuitive Dashboard 

It’s an easy and quick process to get started with InstantPay and manage all your employee payments using its powerful yet simple dashboard. Be it salary, expenses, reimbursements, or incentives, you can make all your employee payments with ease. Pay, track, and manage your payouts with just a click.   

Its advanced features make employee disbursement easy and flexible for businesses. Pay both permanent and temporary employees with options such as IMPS, NEFT, UPI, or Wallets. 

Simply add money to your InstantPay account, make single or multiple payments on the go, or even schedule your payments as per your convenience. You just need to add a sheet with the details of the receiver as per the given format and send the bulk payment within minutes. 

Team Cards 

InstantPay team cards are another modern payment tool that makes it easier to spend, track and manage employee expenses digitally. Efficiently process employee salaries, expenses, incentives, and rewards with these reloadable cards. Employees can use these cards just like debit cards and they don’t require a bank account to receive payments. 

Apart from giving a better payment experience, the cards also enable you to issue funds to your employees in real-time and have all the control over their spending. Contactless in nature, the InstantPay Team Cards are a smart and secure alternative to cash or check-based payments for your company’s day-to-day expenses. 

Automate Employee Payouts

Modern Payout APIs for Modern Businesses 

In today’s digitally evolved world, it is important to provide a unique, streamlined payment experience that will help you build a better brand image in the market. That’s where open APIs fit in, allowing businesses to integrate payment services into their mobile or web applications.

Automate employee payments with the InstantPay Payout APIs and save time for doing productive business things. Easily integrate our smart and simple APIs into your product or system to process and manage salary payments in real-time.  

You can send money to bank accounts, UPI addresses, Paytm Wallet, and Amazon Pay Wallet 24/7/365, even during bank holidays. Plus, easy tracking and smart reporting help you make smarter decisions for your business finances while also helping you with accounting. 

Final Thought

No matter what your team size is, InstantPay payouts work best for your business by streamlining employee disbursements. With our innovative digital payment solutions, we make instant payouts easy and cost-effective for you! 

Whether you are a small business, an e-commerce store, or a large corporation, we have the best payment solution tailored to suit your growing business needs. 

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